Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Whether She Dates Older or Younger on ‘The View’: “Depends … And I Don’t Mean the Underwear!”

Whoopi Goldberg gets around! During this morning’s episode of The View, the 67-year-old moderator shut down Sunny Hostin‘s claims that it’s difficult to date once you’re above a certain age. (Editor’s Note: This episode is a repeat; the original episode first aired on June 29, 2023.)

The conversation began during a Hot Topics segment when Goldberg read an article that said people over 50 years old are divorcing at more than twice the rate than they were in the 1990s — leaving Joy Behar to diagnose the root cause.

“In the ‘90s, 50 was 50. Now 50 is 40,” she said. “The kids are out of the house now. And you’re sick of him. And he’s sick of you. You’re looking better thanks to the miracle of plastic surgery.”

She continued, “So what’re you supposed to do? Live the rest of your life unhappily? No. You look ahead and say, ‘There’s more years behind me than ahead of me. And I’m gonna, like, rock and roll now.’”

Meanwhile, Hostin referred back to her recently divorced friends in their forties and fifties, who, according to the co-host, say it’s a “hellscape out there” and that it’s “as bad as it can get.”

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However, Behar — who began dating her second husband when she was 40 before officially marrying him in her late sixties — said, “I didn’t find that,” before Goldberg added, “As one who is around a lot, I don’t see any problems.”

As we know, Goldberg hasn’t been married since her third divorce in 1995 — and it doesn’t sound like she’s looking for a fourth. Late last year, the star told Drew Barrymore that she hits and runs “all the time,” joking about her casual flings.

“This idea that older people don’t know how to get it on: how do you think we got here? We know what we’re doing,” Goldberg assured her View co-hosts on today’s episode, before Hostin asked if she typically goes after “younger or older” men.

“Depends … and I don’t mean the underwear!” she quipped, while Behar called out, “Younger, baby!”

The View airs on weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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