Doctor Who Season 14: Everything We Know

“Who’s composing the score?” might sounds like a strange question to ask about a TV show, but most Whovians understand that this question is vital. For the first ten seasons of the revival, the music was written by the beloved Murray Gold. Although occasionally criticized for being a little too unsubtle with his music (which often feels like he’s over-explaining the characters’ mood), Gold was still an crucial part of the show’s identity throughout both the Davies and Moffat years. 

Throughout showrunner Chris Chibnall’s era, which covered the entirety of the Thirteenth Doctor’s tenure, the music on “Doctor Who” was composed by Segun Akinola. Although Akinola also did a wonderful job, there’s a certain feel to Murray Gold’s work that’s hard not to miss; rewatching episodes like “The Impossible Astronaut,” where Gold throws an electric guitar into the Eleventh Doctor’s theme song, or that haunting score throughout “The Satan Pit,” it’s hard not to wonder why this show would ever let Gold get away. 

Luckily, Murray Gold is returning not just for the upcoming specials, but for season 14 as well. The return of so many familiar faces has admittedly caused some concerns — “Doctor Who” is supposed to be about embracing change and moving forward, after all — but it’s hard to argue with a good thing. Gold’s been a vital part of this show for far longer than any single Doctor, companion, or showrunner, and he should stick around for as long as he wants. 

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