The 14 Funniest Chris Farley Movie Moments

Chris Farley is a funny guy. He’s so funny, in fact, that he can grab a couple of toy cars and deliver the most hilarious scene in a movie. Few comedians can go off the rails quite like Farley. During one sequence, Farley shows his comedic flexibility as Tommy goes full trainwreck. While selling the Callahan brand, Tommy grabs two car models on a desk, which are clearly important to his potential client. Tommy smashes them, sets them on fire, tells the man his family is inside the burning wreckage and emulates the man’s children yelling, “I can’t feel my legs!”

My personal favorite moment is when he’s roleplaying the medic. Farley improvises a cigar, does his lovable scrunchy hunch, then says, “Oh my gahd.” Farley’s delivery is magical. I can’t explain why it’s so funny, but that’s the moment from this movie filled with funny lines, gags, and pratfalls that stuck with me decades later. While Tommy is going off the rails, Richard is essentially a hostage, unable to abandon this disaster, and watching his career go up in flames. In the end, the man yells, “Get out now!” Spade tries to blow out the non-metaphorical flames on his desk. Tommy caps it off with, “Do you validate?” like this is just a regular Tuesday for him. Director Pete Segal says Farley has another gear and he shows it in this masterful one-minute prop-based monologue.

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