Every Episode’s Ending From Season 6 Explained

David and Cliff are astronauts in deep space, with technology that allows them to transport their consciousness into robotic forms back on Earth to help them cope with the lengthy time away. David’s family is killed by a cult that is convinced mechanical life is an abomination, leaving him reeling from grief. Cliff and his wife Lana invite David to use Cliff’s link for an hour every week to help him cope, although this, of course, gets weird. David develops a crush on Lana, who rejects him, but Cliff’s desire to control Lana, their son, and even David’s grief process leads to tragedy when David returns to take Cliff’s family away, just as he lost his own.

Having it all might make a person feel invincible, but, in the end, we can’t control what life takes, and loss can equalize us. Cliff’s arrogant belief that he can control the situation blows up in his face and, with his power gone, he and David become true equals for the first time. Though the episode ends on an open-ended note with David kicking a chair to Cliff and inviting him to metaphorically and literally sit at the same table, it’s clear that neither has anything left to live for. If they continue on, if they don’t, it no longer matters, but whatever they do, they’ll have to do it together.

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