Things Only Adults Notice In The Flash

In the first major action sequence of the film, the Flash rescues a bunch of babies, a dog, and a woman from a collapsing hospital, at Batman’s (Ben Affleck) behest. So what’s Batman doing? Well, he’s trying to capture the people that caused the hospital to collapse in the first place. That’s because not only have they caused major destruction, but they’ve also taken a virus that could be a threat to the entire world. Batman almost has the guy with the virus canisters (Luke Brandon Field) when he falls off a bridge, and Batman goes plunging after him.

That’s when Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) appears and rescues both men with her lasso of truth. While the lasso does the job, it has a side effect: Bruce starts spilling his guts. He notes that he doesn’t say thank you because his ego’s too big and he also mentions that he knows if he really wants to help he should donate his wealth to social causes, making the whole world better, instead of beating up bad guys one by one and spending his substantial fortune on gadgets to make his crime-fighting easier. It’s a funny sequence, especially when Barry touches the lasso and mentions that he knows sex exists but has never experienced it himself. But Bruce is also right: While children may not realize it, donating his wealth would definitely help more people than taking out a villain here and there. He wouldn’t get the glory that way, but then again, he wouldn’t have the stress either.

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