Strange New Worlds Characters We’d Like To Ship Out With For Season 2, Ranked

Okay, how can you not trust the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 (no bloody, A, B, C, D, L, M, N, O, P, or whatever we’re up to)? That there’s still an Enterprise for Pike to boldly go around is in a testimony to April’s as-yet unexplored command abilities. That he holds his former executive officer, Pike, in such high regard, speaks to him being a good judge of character. That Pike appears to have equal regard for his former captain, now flying a desk as his commanding admiral, also speaks highly of April. Sign me up.

The one bothersome thing about April is that Pike calls home a bit too much. Lagless Zoom calls with Starfleet became standard operating procedure starting with “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” but they’re few and far between on the original “Star Trek,” driving home that starship captains are literally out on the frontier, and often have to fly by the seat of their pants. As a good papa bear, April oughta tell Pike, “You’re the captain, Chris. You decide.”

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