Real Steel 2 – Will It Ever Happen?

Though a lot of fans have been clamoring for a true, big-screen sequel to “Real Steel,” we might see a different iteration before things are all said and done. Instead of a sequel coming to theaters, it sounds like a “Real Steel” TV series is more likely, according to numerous reports and director Shawn Levy himself.

In early 2022, Levy dropped a few “Real Steel” bombshells that shook fans up. He announced that a series was in development, and also that it would stream on Disney+. He told Mike Reyes of CinemaBlend that he didn’t know if Hugh Jackman would appear, but called it a “possibility.” He also said a true sequel film was possible.

In more recent news, Levy announced that he’d found a writer for the series. In December 2022, he told Collider that he was extremely protective of the “Real Steel” name, and that he would “rather make no show than the wrong show.” Even though Levy wouldn’t reveal who’s writing the series, the fact that he’s found someone he trusts makes it much more likely that the project will get off the ground.

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