The Worst Tattoos Ever Done On Ink Master

“Ink Master” Season 3 Episode 10’s elimination challenge tested the tattoo artists’ accuracy, and they were tasked to tattoo portraits based on people chosen by their human canvas. In addition, the people who were chosen to be the subjects of the tattoos were also present. Tattoo artist Kyle Dunbar had to create a portrait of his human canvas’ elderly mother, according to Screenrant.

At the judging, Oliver Peck noted that Dunbar was able to capture the details on the portrait. However, he also said that he went overboard with adding all of the wrinkles on the face, effectively highlighting the old age of the subject. “I don’t know if I was the first one to say it, but I definitely wasn’t the only one to say ‘leatherface’ when I looked at this tattoo,” Peck continued. As the judges were deliberating, they noted that although Dunbar’s portrait was technically accurate, it wasn’t a flattering representation of the woman. He was put up for elimination but was ultimately saved by his past works.

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