Tragic Details About Frankie Muniz

Between the concussions and aura migraines, it’s clear that Frankie Muniz’s body has already been through a lot in his life, so it’s wild that he’s broken over 38 bones too. The “Fairly OddParents” actor told People that he sustained most of those injuries over time, beginning in 2006. Yet he did have a bad racing accident in 2009 where he flipped his car and hit a wall. “In the end, I broke my back, ankle, four ribs, and my hand. My thumb was dangling by the skin,” he said.

That injury went on to make competing on “Dancing with the Stars” more difficult for Muniz, since he was constantly exerting himself while performing complicated dance numbers. He even told ET at the time, “It has been hurting so bad all week to where, with having to learn two dances, we have had to slow down and end early.” Muniz didn’t want to hurt his back more either, so he made it a point to add yoga and cryotherapy to his daily routine, as well as seeing a physical therapist.

Despite Muniz’s best attempts to heal his body, he still struggled with old injuries. He was open with his feelings about that, telling People, (via Page Six), “I’m 31 but feel like I have the creaky, old body of a 71-year-old.” He even joked to Us Weekly that he was “a walking disaster,” keeping his sense of humor about his physical challenges.

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