The Ending Of The Boogeyman Explained

Sadie narrowly misses the first signal from the ghost of her mother. The moment her flame bends slightly to the left, Sawyer knocks on her door, afraid there’s something in her room. We know that what she’s noticed is the Boogeyman beginning to toy with its food, but Sadie dismisses it as her sister’s childhood fear. Rather than a coincidence, the Boogeyman has probably chosen this moment to terrorize Sawyer, knowing it would distract Sadie from her mother’s signal. The beast plans to feed on her depression and knows that even the slightest reassurance might lift Sadie’s spirits and spoil the sinister game.

Sadie has more success contacting her mother in the basement. She watches videos of Cara and unknowingly gives the Boogeyman fuel to create a cruel approximation. We see two visions of Sadie’s mother, one in the dark and one in the light. The faceless woman standing by the portrait may be the Boogeyman impersonating Cara, similar to the way it wandered the Harper House disguised as Lester Billings (David Dastmalchian). When Sadie turns on the light, she sees her mother’s true face for an instant, Cara’s authentic spirit using light to contact her daughter. In the climactic basement battle, Cara’s ghost once again uses fire to defend her family, producing a huge Zippo flame and sharply bending it to the left. Not only has Cara been with her family all along, her loving light is stronger than the Boogeyman’s darkness.

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