Win The Wilderness Season 2

Unfortunately for fans of the miniseries, “Win the Wilderness” was limited to six episodes and has not returned since its debut run in 2020. There are multiple obstructions that have constrained BBC Two from arranging a follow-up to the series, including the pandemic and some behind-the-scenes drama that took place after the series ended. Still, the most significant hindrance remains the uniqueness of the prize offered in the first season.

Ose Mountain was not an average American home. Isolated in the deep forests of Alaska, Duane Ose claimed the land under U.S. law by way of the Homestead Act of 1862. The act stated that citizens could claim ownership of public land under certain conditions. Duane Ose was the last person to take advantage of the century-old law in 1985, and soon began the construction of his infamous house. When the Oses had aged out of being able to maintain their property, “Win the Wilderness” became their way of finding someone to take the proverbial reins.

The exceptional circumstances, alongside the one-of-a-kind prize, have undoubtedly limited BBC Two from coordinating a second season. However, the network may be avoiding similar complications that took place with Ose Mountain after the miniseries was filmed. Sadly, the emotional finale of “Win the Wilderness: Alaska” did not show the complete story, as the rare prize created quite a controversy.

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