Frustrated Pat Sajak Lashes out at ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant After 3 Incorrect Guesses: “Why Are You Bothering?”

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak couldn’t hide his irritation over one contestant’s string of bad luck.

During Friday’s (May 26) episode, contestant Debbie Pilgrim and her granddaughter Sarah Hunt bungled every single answer of the Triple Toss-Up, so much so even Sajak — who’s seen it all — become annoyed.

By the time the third Toss-Up rolled around, Sajak seemed to be frustrated with Pilgrim’s string of impulsive guesses, per The Sun. When she was the first to buzz in yet again with her third incorrect answer, Sajak snapped, “Why are you bothering?”

He later tried to make amends at the end of the episode by joking, “I don’t care what happened, I could listen to you solve Toss-Ups all night long.”

The duo started the round out on a decent note with the category, “What Are You Doing?” When Pilgrim incorrectly guessed, “Taking a nap,” Sajak declined her answer, though he did throw her a bone after her opponents solved the puzzle.

“I like the ‘Taking a nap’ one better,” he said.

The next puzzle went just as swimmingly for the duo. Pilgrim was the first to buzz in with an answer, albeit an incorrect one. Though her granddaughter appeared to disagree with her choice, she guessed, “Catching a fish.”

Pat shot the answer down before telling the other contestants that the answer is “something to do when you get up from your nap.”

Pilgrim and her granddaughter finished in last place with $3,000 in earnings.

Sajak’s sassiness has become something of a regular occurrence on the show, with the host regularly butting heads with contestants, even if it’s often playful.

'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak and contestant Christian Dixie on the show. Photo by: ABC

Earlier this month, he scolded a returning contestant for grabbing one of the puzzle cards, something contestants used to be allowed to do.

“In fairness, we used to do it that way where the player would pick up the thing. So he’s reverting to that, right?” Sajak said.

Contestant Christian Dixie nodded, to which Sajak noted, “But don’t ever do it again.”

Sajak and Dixie shared a laugh and joked about the mistake.

Wheel of Fortune airs on weeknights at 7:30/6:30c. Find local listings on the Wheel of Fortune website.

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