LA’s Season 14 Finale Looks So Familiar

While Vassey appeared on dozens of the biggest small screen hits throughout the ’90s, she typically did so on a short-term capacity, with her episode counts rarely stretching past four or five. That changed in 1995, when the 1988 — 1991 “All My Children” star booked a lead role on the network sitcom “Brotherly Love.” 

Billed as a series uniting the oft-seen Lawrence brothers (Joey, coming of “Blossom” and Matthew, from “Mrs. Doubtfire”), it centered on a trio of brothers named Joe, Matt, and Andy Roman (they were joined by Andrew Lawrence, the youngest brother who at the time was just starting out in the industry) who help out at their father’s garage after he passes away.

As for Vassey, she appeared in all 40 episodes of “Brotherly Love,” as the garage’s top mechanic Louise “Lou” Davis. Tough in spirit, great with tools, but an artist at heart, Lou was a main player in the Roman’s various narratives over the show’s two season run, and even tentatively had a relationship with big brother Joe late in the series run. 

Ultimately, the underperforming sitcom ended with a Season 2 cancellation, so fans of “Brotherly Love” never got a chance to see if Joe and Lou could make their relationship work. Nonetheless, the show allowed Vassey to showcase both her comedic talents and the occasional moment of drama. 

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