Stars Who Have Absolutely No Problem Doing Nude Scenes

Katherine Waterston bared it all for the 2104 film “Inherent Vice,” and she discussed that full-frontal nude scene in an interview with HuffPost. “When you have a lot to do in a scene, it’s actually quite liberating,” she said of being naked on-screen. “I find it more freeing.” 

In fact, appearing alongside her similarly naked co-star Joaquin Phoenix, she compared the extended one-shot scene to skinny dipping. “You think, ‘Oh gosh, my friend just took off all his clothes, now I’m taking off all my clothes,’ and before you know it, you’re just swimming in the water and you’re not thinking about the fact,” she explained. “There’s maybe a moment where you gulp, but then, for me, the scene was so much fun to play that I didn’t really think about it too much.”

In fact, Waterston sees nudity as one of the many tools at an actor’s disposal in revealing the truth of a character when tackling a role. From her perspective, displaying physical nudity is ultimately no different than actors allowing themselves to become fully exposed and unguarded on an emotional level. “I feel that nudity is sort of what we do as actors,” Waterston told the Daily News. “It’s all nudity, it’s all vulnerable, it’s all at least a little bit scary. But it didn’t feel any more vulnerable or complicated than any other complicated, vulnerable scene I’ve played.”

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