The Real Reason Macaulay Culkin Disappeared From Hollywood

After struggling to find acting roles, Culkin continued to indulge his weird, artistic side with a musical-comedy project called the Pizza Underground. The Pizza Underground mainly parodied songs by the Velvet Underground, with Culkin adding pizza-themed song names and lyrics. It seems to go without saying that the group never really took themselves too seriously, with percussionist Deenah Vollmer stating in 2014, “We believe jokes are windows into truth, like pizza can literally create windows with grease.”

The most notable moment of the band’s career occurred in Nottingham in 2014, when they were booed off stage. Apparently, some members of the audience took offense to the Pizza Underground’s “mockery” of “one of the greatest bands of all-time.” It stands to reason these concert-goers didn’t comprehend the fact that a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band was not meant to be taken all that seriously. In January 2018, Culkin mentioned to Marc Maron on his podcast, WTF, that the Pizza Underground had broken up as he “was a little tired of it.”

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