15 Facts About Twin Sisters And Unsellable Houses Stars Lyndsay Lamb And Leslie Davis

Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis elaborate on their sisterly bond on their website. “As sisters, we naturally have a strong connection, but as twins it is crazy in a good way. We didn’t always have the same taste in music, food, or even in boys growing up, but we have always had each other’s back,” they write. “As a twin, there is an indescribable connection and loyalty to one another. You can dislike me but don’t you dare talk negative about my twin.”

So, we were curious: Do they ever fight? And, what was the longest they ever went without speaking? “We are together every day, so don’t get us wrong, we definitely get on each other’s nerves, but we hardly ever fight,” Leslie says on their blog. “When we do, we are very fast to make up, and we are so thankful for not only having each other as sisters and twins but as best friends!” While they do admit that they “argue once in a while” and “push each other’s buttons,” it turns out that they’ve never gone without speaking for longer than a day. “It was the worst—like really, really bad,” adds the twins. While we have no idea what the fight was about, we can just imagine how happy they were to make up!

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