12 Horror Franchises That Desperately Need A Requel

We already know that Jaime Lee Curtis was game for coming back as Laurie Strode for Blumhouse’s modern “Halloween” trilogy, so maybe she’d be up for reprising her role from “Prom Night” for a requel too. As a whole, the original film is a standard slasher that has a cut-and-dry ending. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some cool potential to see it return and have a similar feel to “Halloween.” Like Laurie, Curtis’ character Kim could process her trauma of being a survivor after her brother Alex went on a killing spree decades earlier. Now, as her own child’s or grandchild’s prom night comes around, her greatest fears come to life as a new killer returns to turn her prom night into a bloodbath. 

Seriously, this kind of requel writes itself and we could see Blumhouse all over it. If someone like Curtis came back for a “Prom Night” requel, it could definitely attract a wide audience and possibly be a great reimagining of a horror classic that could spawn even wider franchise ambitions if successful. 

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