The Untold Truth Of Ghost Hunters

Looking at the chain of events for Ghost Hunters, specifically those having to do with key members leaving the show, there’s a few mysteries to puzzle over. Why is it that Grant Wilson was the first to announce he was leaving, then returned for the A&E reboot in 2019, but co-lead investigator Jason Hawes rode the sinking ship to the very end of its run on Syfy, and stayed gone? 

You’d think that when A&E picked the show back up for new seasons, and Wilson announced he’d be returning, Hawes would have jumped on board as well, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, Hawes heads an entirely different show, with a very similar name, Ghost Nation, which debuted on the Travel Channel in October 2019. 

Although Wilson and Hawes have both stuck with their stories that, when it came to their working relationship, everything was rosy, it’s hard not to wonder if that’s as true as they make it seem. Shortly after Grant announced he was leaving Ghost Hunters in 2012, he and Dawes listed Spalding Inn, a New Hampshire property they co-owned, for sale. Hawes spoke about Grant’s initial split during an episode of Beyond Reality Radio, which he co-hosts, saying “anytime a cast member leaves there is a change in the dynamics of the team – sometimes good, sometimes not good …” If there was ever a feud here, Hawes and Wilson are playing it cool. 

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