Times Streamers Went Live Without Even Knowing It

Early one morning in 2019, Ninja began broadcasting and immediately made some of his viewers uncomfortable. To put it lightly, Ninja looked pretty rough. He seemed like he had just been roused from a deep sleep and had stumbled over to the computer, bleary-eyed and exhausted. Viewers began to fill Ninja’s chat with concerned comments, asking if he was okay or if he needed some rest. Instead of answering, Ninja just took a few sips of his beverage and continued typing. 

It took Ninja a little while to realize that people were messaging him, but he seemed to be amused when he realized he’d accidentally gone live. With a smile, Ninja told his viewers, “I literally didn’t mean to click ‘start streaming.’”

It’s unclear if Ninja was just super sleepy or a little bit hungover, although those seem to be the two main theories among fans. Regardless, he had a good laugh about the whole situation. He was completely unaware that he’d given his viewers a brief scare, but it made for a very memorable moment. 

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