The Most Powerful Demon Slayer Characters Ranked

Gyomei Himejima is so much on par with Kokushibo that it could be a tie between them, as we saw him very much hold his own against the demon in a fight in the manga. Physically looming and very strong, Himejima is known for his sensitivity, as well as his deep dedication to prayer. Though his presence is intimidating, his sense of determination and honor is his greatest source of strength.

Some underestimate him due to his blindness, but this is a huge mistake, as he has acute hearing that allows him to operate perhaps even better than before. Similarly, while some might view the fact that he regularly weeps over seemingly small things as a weakness, it is in fact this deep sense of decency that makes him the strongest Hashira, as well as a fan favorite for audiences.

As the master of Stone Breathing, Himejima is all but unshakable in battle. Forgoing the traditional Nichirin sword, he instead wields a sort of Kusarigama, with moves like the Arc of Justice leaning into a relentless flailing attack that grinds opponents to a standstill in record time. He is the most powerful among the Hashira, becoming the Stone Breather in only a couple of months. Still, as manga fans know, this is easily one of the franchise’s most tragic characters, which makes his pious dedication to his beliefs and his desire to protect all the more admirable, if occasionally heartbreaking.

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