Famous Celebrities With Terrifying Stalker Stories

Lots of people harbor dreams of marrying the sensational Jennifer Aniston. In July 2010, a man actually tried to follow through with that fantasy, and terrifyingly so. Jason Peyton, 24, traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in an alleged attempt to abduct the “Friends” star, the BBC reported. Peyton apparently had spent eight days searching for Aniston before being apprehended by the police, who were alerted by his mother (per TMZ). Among Peyton’s possessions were a sharp object, duct tape, and a vehicle into which he had carved love messages about the actor.

Following his arrest, the stalker was placed on psychiatric hold by the LA police, while Aniston secured a temporary restraining order against him. According to court documents, Peyton was on a “mission” to marry Aniston, whom he believed he was dating. He was further under the impression that he was related to the likes of Courteney Cox and Donald Trump. Describing him as “obsessed, mentally ill, and delusional,” court papers noted that he had a criminal history of assault against his mother and that he was previously on anti-psychotic drugs (via TMZ).

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