Evil Dead Rise’s 13 Most Disturbing Scenes, Ranked

We’ve teased this one already, but it’s definitely worth building up a bit as it’s one doozy of a reveal. After Beth and Kassie enter the elevator of blood, we see the possessed Danny and Bridget begin shoving their arms inside of Ellie. For what purpose we aren’t sure, until we see a page within the Book of the Dead showing a disgusting demonic abomination, complete with several heads and arms. This explains the multiple sets of arms frantically reaching into the elevator to grab Beth and Kassie before it crashes down into the parking garage.

Upon arrival in the garage, the duo make a quick beeline to Ellie’s car, looking to finally escape this nightmare. Unfortunately, the car gets stuck just as the monster on their heels enters the garage, forcing them to make a break for the closing door. Just as they make it through, the creature snatches up Cassie and drags her back in, revealing itself as a grotesque fusion of Ellie, Danny and Bridget. Their appearance is eerily similar to a key boss fight in “The Last of Us: Part II,” wherein Abby faces a multiple clicker fusion known as the Rat King.

Also, this definitely pays off on Ellie’s desire to crawl inside of her family from earlier on in just about the most jaw-dropping way possible. For many longtime “Evil Dead” fans, this will definitely stand out as a welcome addition to the list of sickening things that Deadites can do.

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