The Stunning Transformation Of Millie Bobby Brown

We’re all familiar with Eleven’s really obvious wig from Season 1 of Stranger Things (it was a pretty huge Halloween costume in 2016 and 2017.) Brown’s mother actually considered a similar, fake-haired fate for the actress, but she wasn’t having any of it. 

Brown told This Morning (via the Daily Mail) that her mother didn’t like her buzz cut and asked her to “put some wigs on.” Though the young star adored her short hair, she admitted to W magazine that people sometimes thought she was sick or made nasty remarks. She managed to grow a thick skin before she grew out her locks. “It was hurtful, but their attitude taught me something about compassion,” she said. “In the end, being bald was the best thing I ever did — being different changed my life. I wanted to embrace my baldness and, hopefully, inspire people. And, now, that’s become my message to the world.”

Brown, who told Teen Vogue that she feels “more confident” with short hair, kept the look all the way up until Stranger Things Season 2. She played with braids, slicked-back styles, and clips while it was growing out.

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