The Best Casting Choices For Max’s Harry Potter TV Series

The Boy Who Lived lives again. It’s difficult to find a young actor who can tap into raw emotions while maintaining a hefty dose of dry wit. Yet the minute Walker Scobell starred in “The Adam Project” with Ryan Reynolds, it was evident that he would go places. Harry’s snark is something that we see on a small scale in the films, but the scripts fail to highlight some of Harry’s best lines, like “There’s no need to call me sir, professor,” when he’s in a battle of wills with Snape. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Harry’s sassier side in the series, and Scobell would be a great choice to bring Harry’s multi-faceted psyche to life.

In his short career thus far, Scobell has managed to keep up with Reynolds’ wild (and adult) sense of humor on and off the screen, while demonstrating significant emotional intelligence for his age.

As much as we love the golden trio, the first “Harry Potter” film wasn’t exactly a masterclass in acting from the kids. Of course, it’s not easy picturing anyone else in these roles, and the studio’s decision to go with new actors was a great one. But especially for a group of kids who will have to carry ten hours of TV a year, we’d love to see a proven actor take on such a traumatized character with tremendous heart and more than a few zippy one-liners.

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