Fans Upset With Netflix For Cancelling Show After One Season

Netflix’s frequent cancellations have made them a target for many upset social media users. Now Netflix is once again facing criticism after having cancelled the spin-off of a beloved show after just one season.

The Netflix series On My Block has been a major hit for the streaming service. So much so, in fact, that Netflix soon greenlit the production of a spin-off series in 2021. Unfortunately, after only one season, it looks like the spin-off won’t be getting renewed.

Additionally, On My Block has already been finished, which means that fans of the two properties are out of luck. The spin-off series, titled Freeridge, brought several characters from On My Block into its own unique storyline. With that said, despite On My Block ending, fans were happy to tune into Freeridge to see how the characters’ lives would continue. Now with news of the cancellation – fans have taken to social media to voice their thoughts.

Here are some of the complaints that Netflix is receiving due to their decision to cancel Freeridge:

and i say this sad with the news that #FREERIDGE was canceled by netflix. it was such a funny and fresh comedy with latino actors. barely had any promotion at all could’ve be big 🙁

— sarah 🥨 (@sazousa) April 13, 2023

I’m so upset! I LOVED on my block and was so excited to start Freeridge! :[

— Shouka 🍀 (Drafting story 2) (@ShoukaRo) April 13, 2023

I haven’t yet watched the original OMB, but Freeridge wasn’t bad. Netflix likes to cancel alot of the lighter shows, not always in the mood for something dark like Shadow and Bone.

— Matt (@MM_USA_2020) April 13, 2023

“If we don’t have executive talent who see themselves in the material, they’re not going to care enough to fight for something because they don’t connect to it. And again, this is a piece of a diversity problem that we have in Hollywood right now.” #Freeridge #Latinx

— 💀Laura Galán-Wells (@LauraGalanWells) April 13, 2023

rip freeridge😕

— bre (@gracieswcrld) April 12, 2023

Freeridge was cancelled?!?! This is so so stupid godddd at least let them write a proper ending I hate it here

— Que Walou :): ⵊⵉⵀⴰⴷ 🥑🦁 (@jiixbooks) April 12, 2023

Just found out #FREERIDGE got cancelled. Man @netflix is getting brutal. If they keep this up it’s gonna do more harm than good.

— zhino (@loverzhi) April 14, 2023

Wait freeridge is cancelled?!? Again another lgbt show cancelled by Netflix

— Lev | Bella’s Strawberry🍓 (@warriorpanda02) April 14, 2023

Netflix doesn’t understand our audience or how to market to them. Freeridge would have done better on Hulu or Tubi.

— Kenneth Castillo (@CholoChaplin) April 13, 2023

Wow we can never have anything good with Netflix. This show had so much potential for an awesome season 2!!!

— Eduardo (@IttssLalo21) April 12, 2023


— black joel osteen (@coryinthehotel) April 12, 2023

Netflix’s ‘Freeridge’ has been canceled after one season. I am saddened but I can’t say i didn’t see this happening.

— alex | Renfield era | Scream Era | Mario Era (@AlexCinemaFan) April 12, 2023

Of course, this isn’t exactly surprising news. Netflix has cancelled a number of fan-favorite shows and even releases for exclusive films. The streaming industry has become extremely competitive and many of the different services are curating their content in different ways. For Netflix, it looks like they’ve taken the chance to cancel quite a few projects.

At this rate, it’s likely that we’ll continue to have many other cancellations in the near future. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. For fans of the shows On My Block and Freeridge, however, it looks like they’ll have to settle for what exists.

Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional Netflix updates as we have them. For now, all seasons of On My Block are currently streaming via Netflix, as is the one and only season of Freeridge.

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