The Untold Truth Of Hardcore Pawn

In the 2010s, the previously-owned merchandise industry inspired a significant chunk of the cable reality TV landscape. Those shows combine the thrill of discovery of something valuable with dramatic and high-stakes bargaining to make a sort of documentary-meets-game show. Two of the biggest hits of this sub-genre revolved around pawnbrokers: History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” and truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn.”

Seth Gold, one of the proprietors of American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, and also a “Hardcore Pawn” star, felt like his family operation and series were diametrically opposed to the goings-on of “Pawn Stars,”, particularly in philosophy and customer base. According to Gold, his shop operates like a traditional pawnbroker, trading quick cash loans for small items, while “Pawn Stars” doesn’t appear to do so. “They buy. Period. They don’t loan,” Gold told MVictors. “My customers aren’t looking for $5,000 to take their family on vacation. They’re looking for $20 to feed their family.” Gold accused “Pawn Stars” of focusing on antiques and treasures, while his clientele seeks to pawn everyday objects. “They’re not coming all the time with this crazy, old stuff,” Gold said. “Our bread and butter here are the rings, the TVs, the DVD players—stuff to help people get by to their next paycheck.”

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