The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit Disney

Disney World is magical and exciting and full of memories just waiting to be made, and also alligators. Because Disney World is in Florida, where alligators are like pigeons.

A lot of Disney’s attractions are water-based, like Tom Sawyer Island and the Jungle Cruise. (Jungle Cruise, incidentally, features fake crocodiles, though the guides no longer say the words, “Remember, folks, if you don’t watch your children, the crocodiles will.”) And it almost seems like Disney was creating alligator habitat on purpose when they built the Seven Seas Lagoon, a manmade lake located between the Disney Grand Floridian Resort and the Magic Kingdom.

In the summer of 2016, a 2-year-old boy was killed by an alligator in the lagoon. Critics blamed Disney for not adequately warning visitors of the danger — according to the Orlando Sentinel, there were “no swimming” signs, but no signs specifically warning guests about the gators.

Disney tries to relocate “nuisance” gators because evidently there is such a thing as a “non-nuisance” gator, and although attacks are rare, the fact they happen at all really seems to be strong evidence against, you know, having swampy lagoons full of alligators on park property.

Sadly, the lagoon isn’t the only gator-infested part of the park — a former Disney employee told the Sentinel he once had to delay the opening of Tom Sawyer Island while employees shooed off a family of alligators. So in conclusion, Disney World is cool, but there aren’t any gators at Disneyland. Just saying.

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