Why We Don’t Hear From Sinbad Anymore

A year after filing for bankruptcy for the first time, Sinbad resorted to something that a lot of formerly prominent stars have done: reality TV. In 2010, he appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, albeit very briefly, getting “fired” on the second episode of the season amidst a disagreement with team member, bandana enthusiast and Snapple chef Bret Michaels. (Donald Trump told Sinbad “you’re fired,” of course, and Sinbad later joked that his one regret from being on the show was that he didn’t tell Trump, “You need to fire your barber.”) In 2011, he starred in his own reality show, Sinbad: It’s Just Family, on WE TV. It depicted his very unique home life: Sinbad and his wife, Meredith Adkins, divorced in 1992 after six years of marriage…and then remarried in 2002. (It’s Just Family was canceled after a single season.)

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