Facts About Bray Wyatt Only Hardcore Fans Know

It’s no secret by now that professional wrestling has always been in Bray Wyatt’s blood, due in large part to his family. Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda, is the son of Mike Rotunda AKA Irwin R. Schyster and the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan. In addition, Rotunda’s brother Taylor is better known as Bo Dallas, WWE star and the third ever NXT Champion. This fact regarding Wyatt’s wrestling heritage, though hardly acknowledged on screen, has been circulated online in countless videos and articles. However, what many won’t know is how this upbringing slightly distorted a young Wyatt’s perception of the real world.

In an interview with The Daily Journal, summated on 411Mania, Wyatt took the time to explain his adorably naïve world view. He noted, “Growing up in that environment is a strange thing. Most people couldn’t imagine it. When I was a child, I thought everyone was a wrestler. I thought when you went to work, you went to go wrestle.” While the image of professional wrestling being everyone’s job is hilarious, sadly that is not the world we live in.

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