Small Details You Missed In The First Trailer For Blue Beetle

While the “Blue Beetle” trailer is filled to the brim with clever action sequences and hilarious moments, the debut look at the film kicks itself off with an educational moment. As the trailer opens on Jaime Reyes, the first words we hear are his sister (Belissa Escobedo) saying his last name, emphasizing the correct pronunciation. Seeing as “Blue Beetle” is the first live-action superhero film to feature a Hispanic lead, this is a great way to let audiences know right off the bat how to properly pronounce the character’s name.

As the trailer continues, Reyes can be seen dropped off at the Kord Industries building, with his family chanting his name loudly in support. Once again, the correct pronunciation of his first name is emphasized, setting up viewers and casual fans up for success when discussing the character.

Disney+’s “Ms. Marvel,” which features a South Asian lead, also emphasized the correct pronunciation of its character’s name (Kamala Khan) in the opening minutes of the pilot. As superhero films continue to become more diverse and inclusive, general audiences will come across characters with unique and different names that they’re not used to. From the first “Blue Beetle” trailer, it’s clear that the film will extensively explore Reyes’ Hispanic background and familial relationship, which should set it apart from the other projects in the DC canon.

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