My 600-Lb Life Stars Who Didn’t Listen To The Doctors

Mark Rutland, a 42-year-old from Orlando, Florida, was a guest on “My 600-lb Life” Season 11. On the show, we learn that Rutland, weighing in at 715 pounds, struggles with a binge-eating disorder and a fast-food addiction. This affected him negatively in more ways than one. “When you get to be this size, you’re definitely broken mentally,” Rutland said (via People). “I know I’m fat, and I have the ability to change, but I can’t stop eating because when I’m eating, it’s the only time I get relief from the physical pain. It’s the only time I’m happy.”

While bariatric surgery is often the light at the end of the tunnel for other guests on “My 600-lb Life,” that isn’t the route that Rutland wanted to take. Despite what the doctors suggest, he wants to lose the weight on his own. His family is incredulous about his decision, but Rutland understands that not everyone gets it. “I got the greatest weight loss doctor in the entire world, and all you guys want me to do it. It’s not an easy decision for me not to do this,” he says. Nevertheless, it’s the path that he wants to take. “Surgery will probably never be off the table for me, the doctor might be right, and I might really have a zero percent chance, but until I know that I can’t do this on my own, surgery is not an option,” he tells Distractify. So far, Rutland’s plan is working. According to People, he’s lost 160 pounds naturally.

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