The Ending Of Castle Explained

Will-they-won’t-they relationships are staples in television; think “The Vampire Diaries,” “Scandal,” or even “Friends.” Audiences just want these couples to get it together and pick each other. From the moment “Castle” was introduced, it was clear that Richard Castle was interested in Detective Kate Beckett. Whether she was interested in him remained to be seen. It was obvious that the two would be the end game, their romance wasn’t necessary. Not all crime dramas need to have their two main characters end up together. While Castle and Beckett were the glue holding the series together, their relationship didn’t need to turn into Bones and Booth from another, similar cop drama, “Bones.” They could have followed the Mulder and Scully model instead. At least, that is according to some people.

The Hollywood Reporter discusses how the two never really needed to become a couple for the show to work, especially since audiences don’t get to see much time with the two actually together. They’re separated by other romantic partners, by the fear of admitting their feelings, or by jobs in different cities. They hardly ever share scenes in Season 8, as Beckett’s off taking part in a secret mission. And don’t even get us started on that time Castle straight-up disappeared on their wedding day.

Because of all this drama, the final shot that gives the couple a happy ending felt so rushed. Audiences barely ever got to see them happy as a couple over the past eight seasons, so it’s hard to believe that, seven years later, things are perfect. Perhaps this is what the writers were trying to suggest when killing off Beckett and leaving Castle to find a partner he actually spends time in a relationship with.

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