Famous Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Actors

According to this comprehensive breakdown of Jackie Chan’s endless on-set injuries, he’s broken almost every bone in his body, torn ligaments, been badly burned, and damaged his spine on several occasions. But wait, there’s more! On the set of Armour of God II, he sustained an injury so bad, he had to have brain surgery. Chan later told Parade, “I still have a metal plate in my head and can feel the indentation from the impact.”

Compared to some of the stuff he’s done — like free-falling 60 feet, sliding down the side of a skyscraper, and getting hit by a real, flying helicopter — the Armour of God II stunt was relatively tame. He was jumping from a slope and into a tree when he missed and fell to the ground, smacking his head on a rock, which sent a piece of his skull into his brain. Amazingly, this happened in the early ’90s, and Chan continued to make many more films, performing almost all of his own stunts — in other words, the exact opposite of what any normal person would do, which is nothing even remotely dangerous ever again. “Oh, you guys are going on that rollercoaster? I’m cool. I’ll be over here on this safe, motionless bench, not having a piece of my brain shoved into my skull again.”

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