What Happened To The Cast After The Show Ended

Matt McGorry portrayed the goofy but generally good-hearted Asher Millstone, also a fictitious Keating 5 member, throughout all six seasons of “How To Get Away With Murder.” The actor continued to pursue roles after “Murder” ended, and was cast in films including “Death of a Telemarketer” alongside “New Girl” star Lamorne Morris, and “Good On Paper” starring comedian Iliza Shlesinger. He made his return to television series work in Netflix’s horror series “Archive 81.” “As an actor, one of the most exciting things is to play a variety of characters, in a variety of different genres,” he told CBR.com. “A new challenge and inhabiting someone new is always really exciting.”

McGorry, a former personal trainer and fitness writer, has also spoken publicly about mental health and body image. “I am worth so much more than a lifetime of obsessing over food, exercise, and weight,” he said in an essay for Human Parts on Medium. “I am a beautiful, powerful being, defined by so much beyond how I look. I just had to strip away layers and layers of societal bulls**t before I could realize it.” He also co-founded Inspire Justice, an organization that aims to show public figures how to use their platforms for good. “A big part of how we do this work is advising folks on where to put their time, their creativity, and their resources,” he shared with Forbes.

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