Fans’ 3 Takeaways From Tammy Slaton’s Wedding

Fans watched Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham’s Wedding during the 1000-lb Sisters season 4 finale. After just a few weeks of dating, the lovebirds exchanged marital vows at the rehabilitation center where they met. Tammy and Caleb also had their families around to witness the monumental occasion. Tammy slipped into a beautiful white gown and a tiara for the wedding. On the other hand, Caleb suffered a wardrobe malfunction but eventually found something fit to wear. 

Also, Amy did a great job decorating the rehab center bingo hall and deputizing as a bridesmaid. Despite minor hitches, the newlyweds looked great together as they read their vows before kissing. However, 1000-lb Sisters fans have noted three critical takeaways from the wedding since the finale. 

1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Think Amy’s Behavior Was Appalling

Amy at Tammy's wedding 1000-Lb Sisters

One of the major talking points from the show was Amy’s behavior during the wedding, especially when she gave her speech. Fans of the popular TLC reality series have slammed her for making her sister’s big day all about herself. While giving her speech, she drank straight from a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and bizarrely swung it around like she was drunk. Even her sister Tammy called her out for drinking from a “fake wine” and acting drunk.

However, what drew the ire of fans was when Amy forgot Caleb’s last name. Tammy had to remind her that her husband’s last name was Willingham, and everyone in the room gave an awkward chuckle. Amy dug herself into a pit with her utterances in a confessional interview. She said:

“We were the Slaton sisters, and now I’m a Halterman, and she’s a Willingham.”

As tears rolled down her cheeks, the 1000-Lb Sisters star added:

“It’s a little, you know, it’s not us no more. We’re not the Slaton sisters.”

Fans of the show could not hide their displeasure at Amy’s speech and took to Reddit to vent their frustrations. One user, u/allisongivler, commented,

“Amy’s speech was AWFUL and so selfish! “I know it’s supposed to be your big day, but it’s our big day. They’re all here for us” that’s so selfish.”

Another user u/Rowdyacorn, chimed in,

“Same. Amy talking about farting during her wedding speech was cringe.”

1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Think Tammy’s Wedding Was Just For TV

Since the season 4 finale of 1000-Lb Sisters aired on Tuesday, fans have been discussing the wedding. Surprisingly, one of the talking points has been the authenticity of Tammy and Caleb’s wedding ceremony. The marriage didn’t just come as a surprise to most of the show’s fans but also to Tammy’s family. The family barely knew anything about Caleb before the two decided to get engaged and quickly followed that up with their wedding. At some point, Tammy’s family even feared she might be pregnant, hence her sudden decision to get married.

On Reddit, some fans felt Tammy’s wedding was scripted and just part of another storyline. One fan, u/disdicdatho, noted that a legitimate wedding required the couple to go to the courthouse. They advised people to look up if the couple filed their marriage paperwork. Another fan, u/throwaway_87624, said,

“I was wondering how they could be legally married because you both have to get the marriage license prior to the wedding. And you know those two didn’t make it to the courthouse…”

1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Think Chris Stole The Show

Chris Combs at Tammy's wedding 1000-lb sisters

Away from all the drama and the noise, one of the people who quietly won the hearts of fans was Tammy and Amy’s brother Chris. Most viewers were impressed with his behavior during the wedding and his support for Tammy. While commenting on a Reddit thread, some fans highlighted how Chris perfectly plays the significant brother role in the family. They also lauded him for showing up for Tammy on her big day. One Redditor, u/peytoncoooke, wrote,

“I really love Chris being the Big brother of the family, the way he told Tammy that she looked really good and pushed her down the aisle made my heart melt. I want nothing but the best for him.”

Another user, u/vistola, added,

“When Chris came to get Tammy, and he told her she looked pretty, my heart melted. He’s such a good brother.”

1000-Lb Sisters season 4 was enthralling, and what a way for it to end. Still, fans will now anticipate season 5 of the show to see what happens between the newlyweds. Are they going to start a family? Will they work as a couple? And several other questions that now need answers.

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