The Most Terrible Things Larry David Ever Did

For a long time, “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox” seemed like it was going to be Curb Your Enthusiasm’s de facto series finale. It’s not, but if it had been, at least the show would’ve gone out with a bang.

The trouble starts when Larry’s latest girlfriend, Elizabeth, takes longer than expected to get ready for their date. While he waits, Larry amuses himself by drawing Hitler moustaches and swastikas in Elizabeth’s magazines. It’s a little odd, but doesn’t actually cause any harm until Elizabeth’s seven-year-old son, Greg, catches sight of Larry’s handiwork. Without realizing what it means, Greg falls in love with the swastika design. “I like how the lines just go straight, up, down! Straight, up, down!” Greg exclaims.

Now, Greg is a flamboyant little guy. He likes fashion and Project Runway. And so, when Greg’s birthday rolls around, Larry goes out of his way and gets Greg an uncharacteristically thoughtful gift: a sewing machine. Elizabeth scolds Larry for trying to make Greg gay—and besides, Susie argues, Greg’s too young to be sexually attracted to anyone of either sex—but it doesn’t matter. Larry got Greg a perfect gift. Greg loves the sewing machine. In fact, by the time Larry shows up with a replacement gift, Greg’s already managed to use it—to sew Susie a custom pillow sham with a swastika front and center.

Guess who takes the blame?

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