Biggest Unanswered Questions From The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3

From almost the beginning of “The Walking Dead” up to his death in the 8th season, Carl Grimes played a major role as his father Rick’s right-hand man. When Rick teetered on the edge, nearly giving in to his dark side, Carl was always able to call him back, pointing out that his own belief system should prevent him from crossing those lines. In that way, the next generation has always played a huge role in the morality of the franchise, with this continuing in full through the hopeful tone of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

With Rick, Michonne, and Carl all gone, and R.J. a bit too young to take on a major role yet, Rick’s daughter with Lori and Michonne’s adopted child, Judith, becomes a major character over the last few seasons. Showing the same determination and heroism as her parents, Judith is able not only to calm and defend the other children but also takes part in major events while inspiring the adults around her to keep their eyes on the prize during conflicts. Though we almost lose her in the finale due to a gunshot wound, Judith survives, leading us to wonder where she’ll go from here. Not only that, but Rosita’s daughter Socorro, A.J., and several others are getting older, so they might also take major roles in the franchise.

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