The Goldbergs Has No Business Moving Forward After Season 10

How could “The Goldbergs” fix their family drama and get back on the ball if they do end up with an eleventh season? The key is to let the characters credibly grow without sacrificing the warmth and soul the show has.

The best thing ABC could do: bring back Adam F. Goldberg to finish telling his family’s story. Goldberg stepped down as showrunner before its seventh season went into production (per Deadline), and per the producer’s official Twitter, there appears to be some bad blood between himself and Sony Pictures, which owns the rights to some of the show’s characters and concepts. However, the fact is that “The Goldbergs” retells Adam F. Goldberg’s life story. Without his input, the show has floundered for a worthwhile direction.  Goldberg could’ve smoothly led the show into its next era without missing a step.

Since we cannot turn back time, let’s look at how the show could forge a pathway forward. Finally taking Adam out of town and plunging him into college might freshen things up, if they can balance the world of Jenkintown with his new college plans. Showing Erica trying to figure out motherhood, a career and keeping things fresh with Geoff would be interesting — even if it forces the young newlyweds to reckon with how quickly they’ve moved from friends to parents. And focusing a little more on Barry’s internship can only mean more interesting things for the show — Barry trying to bring his patients comfort through a rap, anyone? 

Even a long-lived series like “The Goldbergs” can refresh itself, if ABC is willing to put in some extra effort. Otherwise, it has no business continuing on as things stand.

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