The Ending Of Poker Face Explained

Never trust a henchman that knows his way around a party supply store. Cliff LeGrand pulls off a masterful double-cross in “Poker Face” using his own rage, cunning, and some novelty poker chips he probably picked up from Spencer’s in the mall. Cliff frames Charlie for Sterling Frost’s murder, but how? Life comes at you fast, but revolver switcheroos and blacklight-assisted assassinations come at you faster.

Cliff captures Charlie in Denver. When Charlie asks him if he pulled the trigger on Natalie, he mind-games her rather than respond with a simple “Yup.” He instructs Charlie to pull the weapon he “used” from the glove compartment. She does, but can’t bear to shoot him and puts it back. Later — when she’s asleep and handcuffed to a hotel bed — he sneaks out to the car and grabs the gun while being careful not to get his prints on it.

Later, when Charlie opens Frost’s gift, she pulls out Cliff’s gun. Cliff has used a glove to grab the gun Charlie touched in the car, holstered it, and now draws it on Frost. Cliff, aided by his blacklight pointer and a planted novelty poker chip, shoots to kill Frost with the gun covered in Charlie’s prints. He switches the gun, taking back his own weapon in the aftermath.

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