12 Facts About The Obscure 1989 Japanese Horror Film That Inspired Resident Evil

The biggest factor behind the obscurity of “Sweet Home” today is the film having never received an official release outside of its home country. It enjoyed a standard theatrical release in Japan but wasn’t distributed any further, just like it’s video-game counterpart. When it came time for home media products, “Sweet Home” was released on VHS and Laserdisc, but again only in Japan.

All these years later, the film has still never made its way abroad in any official capacity; it has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray or even made available to stream on any service, though a VHS rip has appeared on YouTube. Anyone outside of Japan looking to view the film through traditional means will likely have to resort to importing an old physical copy of it. Rare VHS copies of the film typically go for between $100 and $200 on eBay. Laserdisc copies of the film are even rarer, but do exist.

Since these dated formats are the only ways to watch the film in the modern age, the resolution is quite poor. Fans of the movie would undoubtedly be happy if a cleaned up, remastered edition of the film were released on Blu-ray, but the rights are owned by Toho Pictures Inc., who have shown no interest in a re-release.

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