A Southern Scandal Didn’t Tell You About The True Story

It’s not until Episode 2 of “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” that the titular events are discussed in detail. The show provides the audio of the 911 call Alex made, as well as Alex’s timeline of his movements that night. However, it leaves out a lot of small but significant details.

In the episode, reported problems in the Murdaugh’s marriage are discussed, as are the rumors that Maggie had hired a forensic accountant and possibly even met with a divorce attorney. However, what it doesn’t say is that Maggie wasn’t living at the Moselle house at the time of the murders. She’d been staying at their beach house in Edisto, away from Alex. So why was she there?

The HBO documentary “Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” explains that Maggie had been living at the beach house, but that on June 7, Alex texted her, asking to meet up. She apparently even discussed the texts with her sister, noting, “He’s up to something.” She was killed that night.

At the trial, as documented in the “20/20” episode “Murdaugh Family Murders,” Maggie’s sister testified that Alex’s father was hospitalized and that Alex claimed his dad needed Maggie’s support. After hearing this, she agreed to meet him at the Moselle house.

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