25 Tattoo TV Shows Ranked Worst To Best

“Ink Master: Angels” stars Nikki Simpson, Kelly Doty, Gia Rose, and Ryan Ashley, four female competitors from Season 8 of “Ink Master.” Instead of competing with each other, this time around, the Angels travel all over the United States to face off against talented local artists. They visit a different tattoo shop every episode, where three artists compete against each other. The winner then goes head to head against one of the Angels. If the local artist wins the challenge against the Angel, they secure a spot on “Ink Master.”

The show debuted on Spike in 2017 and split opinion, as its 5.5/10 star rating on IMDb indicates. While it was great to see some familiar faces on a show that highlighted female talent, it had some issues. Much of the dialogue seemed scripted, with the Angels proving they are far better tattoo artists than they are TV hosts. Also, Gia Rose didn’t return for the second season, so some fans were likely disappointed by that.

The judging process was problematic as well, with many reviewers complaining that the Angels were biased; they initially seemed to favor female local artists who were pitted against men, then, in the final round, they tended to vote for their fellow Angels as the winners. All that said, it didn’t follow the typical format of a tattoo show, which was a breath of fresh air, and it showcased some impressive artwork.

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