11 Most Over The Top Moments In M3GAN

“M3GAN” is full of goofy and memorable moments, but the one that reigns supreme is Megan’s dance at the end of the movie. Sandwiched between two brutal murder scenes is a moment that feels as strange as Megan’s lullaby earlier in the film. Sure, we know Megan is musically inclined. But why is she dancing post-bloodbath?

After blowing up Gemma’s lab, David runs for his life. He probably knows that this is the end for him, but even through his terror, he must be confused by Megan’s approach. As they race down the hallway, she swings into a series of intricate dance moves that look like a cross between professional choreography and a malfunction in Megan’s programming.

Watching Megan do The Snake is laugh-out-loud hilarious. In the context of the film, it’s threatening. In real life, this clip is one of the things that helped skyrocket the movie to success. It was featured in the film’s trailer and kicked off a massive TikTok trend of people recreating Megan’s iteration of the snake. “M3GAN” wouldn’t be as memorable without this particular hit moment.

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