Workouts That Totally Transformed Superhero Actors For Their Roles

As Melinda May in Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” Ming-Na Wen has participated in her fair share of fight scenes. In fact, she’s able to kick, squat, and punch with the best of them. However, the actress didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary to continue staying in shape for the role during its seven seasons. Instead, Wen focused on more of a holistic approach to fitness and health to ensure that she kept both her mind and body strong.

On her website, Wen labels this approach as “Work Hardy, Play Hardier.” She says swapping the term “hard” for “hardy” makes more sense to her, as it has more of a powerful, positive meaning. In her downtime, Wen makes the most of it by having fun and focusing on her overall wellness, like eating well and getting enough sleep. Still, she incorporates fitness in a way that feels good for her and not overwhelming. For instance, she shares on her website that adding in some squats during the day is an easy way to work important muscles while not taking up a lot of time. She also leans fully into the “Weekend Warrior” mindset. In a Facebook post, Wen shows herself working out after hosting a party the night before, noting that she “pushed through my exhaustion” to prepare for a fight scene for the show. If anything, Wen proves that not all superheroes need to work hard nonstop to smash their performances.

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