12 Things We Want To See In The IT Prequel Series

Where is Derry in Maine? It’s something that people have no doubt wondered while watching or reading about It’s exploits in this small New England town. Is it near the south, by Portland and the New Hampshire border? Or a bit further up, by Bangor? Is it by the coast? Or is it far upstate, in the wilds? Derry is a place that exists somewhere in between all of these, it seems. But grounding it in reality matters. With more time, there’s a whole lot of space to explore whether this is some port adjacent town, whether it’s a suburb of the big cities, or whether it’s really up in the middle of nowhere.

There’s a lot of open room in Maine, and a lot to consider when one thinks about the condition of Derry. Do tourists come by? Is it a forgotten, old-world place? Is it completely secluded? Being remote would explain the story a bit more. The creators of “Welcome to Derry” may want to retain a certain level of ambiguity — in many ways, Derry is meant to be seen as Anytown, USA — but we would love to get a bit of a better idea of its location.

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