Things Only Adults Notice In Wednesday

A prominent character and suspect throughout Season 1 is Dr. Kinbott, Wednesday’s gentle and understanding therapist. She encourages the stoic Wednesday to open up about topics like her novel, her relationship with her mother, and her connection to the murders. The whole family also joins in for a group session, though it quickly turns into Wednesday interrogating her father about being a murder suspect.

In addition to having meetings with Wednesday and her family, Dr. Kinbott also sees Xavier and Tyler. Xavier meets with her to discuss his visions, such as the one that predicts her gruesome murder. Xavier’s famous father requests that the therapy sessions take place away from Dr. Kinbott’s usual office as a way to prevent the media from exposing his troubled son’s issues. Meanwhile, Tyler sees Dr. Kinbott to work through his mother’s death.

Although therapy doesn’t exactly save Tyler from his eventual fate, all of Dr. Kinbott’s sessions show that it’s normal for teens to need help and guidance at their age, whether they’re “normies,” “outcasts,” or from a privileged family. The fact that Xavier’s father tries to hide his therapy sessions only adds to the stigma around mental health and doesn’t help in normalizing the idea of seeking help.

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