The Most Brutal Scenes From Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood And Honey

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, “Blood and Honey” finds new ways to provoke the audience to wonder aloud, “What am I watching?” Pooh and Piglet kill off the girls one by one, each in a manner seemingly more brutal than the last. Toward the end of the movie, Alice is next on the chopping block. She’s just murdered Piglet — no easy feat. Upon discovering his dead accomplice, Pooh takes his knife and stabs Alice.

As awful as that would be in real life, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of stabbings in movies, correct? A knife through the heart is terrifying, sure, but it’s hardly the gnarliest item on this list, so why is it ranked so close to the top? Well, this isn’t exactly a knife through the heart. It’s a knife through the mouth. Yes, Pooh lurches his knife directly into Alice’s mouth, the blade piercing through the back of her head. Try to scrub that clean from your memory bank. 

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