The Ending Of Pennyworth Season 3 Explained

Season 2 of “Pennyworth” ended on a cliffhanger, with Mrs. Pennyworth learning her husband is still alive after turning traitor and apparently dying at the end of Season 1. Beyond that, Mr. Pennyworth shares information with Alfred after experiencing a change of heart against the fascistic Raven Union. This leads to Alfred and Gully rushing to find the Stormcloud bomb, which is under threat of imminent detonation. Recognizing that they’re running out of time, Alfred and Gully try to think of ways to stop this catastrophic scenario from taking place. Gully decides to simply swallow the detonating capsule, then turns blue and apparently dies — emphasis on “apparently.”

When the New Raven Union attacks London, they’re thwarted by our cast of anti-fascists, joined by Gully, who now has life-draining superpowers and goes by the name Captain Blighty. The civil war draws to a close between seasons with the League as the victors, so the start of Season 3 features a time jump five years into the future. 

Alfred’s security company is getting bigger all the time and now includes Daveboy and Bet. Meanwhile, Lucius and Martha are working together as agents for MI5, Thomas is a doctor, and Mrs. Pennyworth is busy caring for the young Samantha Wayne. Bet’s girlfriend Katie is gone, but Bet takes in a baby after killing the parents in her hunt to find Salt, the murderous man who nearly detonated Stormcloud.

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