Sunny Hostin Gives Mike Pence “A Pass” for Having Classified Documents on ‘The View’: “It Was the Insurrection”

Breaking news: Hell has frozen over and pigs can fly after The View co-hosts surprisingly defend former Vice President Mike Pence for being the latest politician to have classified documents found in his house.

The secret docs talk has dominated a large portion of the show’s conversations since former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago raid and, most recently, when docs were also found in President Joe Biden’s house.

While Whoopi Goldberg noted that “the difference between these three guys” is that Pence and Biden are actually cooperating with the investigation, Sunny Hostin went on to sympathize with Trump’s former VP, who said he was “unaware” that he had classified documents.

“I feel like Pence does get a little bit of a pass because it was the insurrection and it was, ‘Hang Mike Pence,’” she said as Goldberg audibly concurred with her.

Hostin, who suspected that Pence “had to get out of there quickly,” added, “I completely understand that, and I’m not a Pence fan.”

When Joy Behar asked Hostin if she thinks Pence took the documents on Jan. 6, she presumed that a “staffer put them in there,” prompting Goldberg to further come to his defense as she said, “There might’ve been a box on his desk. Who knows?”

Meanwhile, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who used to work under Pence, pointed out that he was “extremely by the book in a White House that was otherwise extremely chaotic.” Agreeing with Hostin, she speculated that he had those documents as a result of the “chaotic nature of the transition.”

“When I resigned in December, staff was being threatened. Don’t look for new jobs, don’t pack your offices, because they were not preparing for a transition,” she said. “I don’t suspect at that period — I was gone in the final stretch — that he was packing up boxes and getting ready. So I’m guessing this was a staff error that was a last-minute thing.”

After Goldberg jokingly asked if “we should be concerned” about Griffin, the former White House staffer revealed it was Pence who instilled “the fear of God in me about classified documents.”

She added, “I was so scared to do anything with classified information. That’s why I’m blown away by how willy-nilly folks seem to be treating them because staff does not get that sort of pass.”

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