Game Of Thrones Actors Who Also Landed Roles In The MCU

We all know Lena Headey for her portrayal of Cersei Lannister in “Game of Thrones,” but did you know we missed out on her MCU debut? After being approached by Taika Waititi — writer-director of “Thor: Love and Thunder” — to play a role in the sequel to “Thor: Ragnarok,” Headey was ultimately cut from the production due to creative reasons (via Variety). However, she wouldn’t be the only one, with Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage also scrapped from the final cut. While Goldblum and Dinklage were set to reprise their existing roles as the Grandmaster and Eitri, respectively, Headey’s role has never been officially confirmed.

Instead, what should’ve been a ceremonious induction into the MCU turned into a $1.5 million lawsuit brought up by Headey’s former agents. According to Variety, Troika, the U.K.-based firm that used to represent Headey, says she owes them a lot of cash for the work they did securing her roles in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “9 Bullets,” and the Showtime series “Rita” — a project that never came to fruition. According to Headey, she never signed a contract with Troika, and since neither of her roles for “Thor: Love and Thunder” or “9 Bullets” were negotiated by Troika, she doesn’t owe them anything. As for “Rita,” Headey says she already paid Troika their commission for their involvement in that project.

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